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Ramadan 2010 (Pearls of Light)


Reciting Duas with True Conviction

Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (R.A) was born on Monday, the 10th of Shawaal 1272 A.H. (14th June 1856), at the time of Zuhr Salah in a place called Jasoli, which is in the city of Bareilly Shareef, India.

A few days before the birth of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (R.A), his father, Allamah Mawlana Naqi Ali Khan (R.A), had a wonderful dream.

He immediately disclosed this dream to his father, Mawlana Raza Ali Khan (R.A), who interpreted this dream by saying, “This is a sign that you are going to be the father of a child, a boy, who will grow up to be pious and knowledgeable. His name will gain prominence from East to West”.

Mawlana Mohammed Sharif has recorded the following incident regarding Ala Hazrat (R.A); "Once, when Ala Hazrat (R.A) was returning from Hajj by ship with his father, there was a great storm. The storm reached such intensity that the captain advised the passengers to wear their Kafans (shrouds), for he could see no escape from such a storm.

Ala Hazrat (R.A), noticing the concern on the face of his father, inquired as to what had transpired. His father replied, “My Beloved Son, I have no concern for myself, rather it is for you that I am sad”.

The young Ala Hazrat (R.A) replied, “O’ father! If the captain has lost hope then let him do so. We should have complete faith in Allah (S.W.T) and His Beloved Habib (S.A.W). In accordance with the commands of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W), when entering this ship, I recited the Dua:

Subhaanallazi sakh khara lana haaza wa maa kunna lahu
muqrineen wa inna ila Rabbina la mun qalibun'.”

“Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (S.A.W) has stated that, 'Whosoever, recites this Dua when entering a ship (any mode of transport), that ship would not be destroyed. Therefore, I have absolute certainty that generations may change, yet, this ship would never sink'.”

Ala Hazrat (R.A) had merely spoken these words, when the captain arrived and began informing the passengers that the storm is subsiding and that there was no need for concern! Subhanallah.

The great personality Ala Hazrat (R.A) has clearly demonstrated that when making dua, we should stay firm in our trust in Allah (S.W.T), and not loose faith in difficult times.