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Ramadan 2010 (Pearls of Light)


The Deception of the Devil (Part 2)

The man told them that she had died, and showed them her grave. After consoling each other, the three brothers returned to their house.

During the night, they saw the Devil in their dream, in the form of an old man. The Devil enquired about their sister. They told him that she had died.

The Devil did not agree and said that the “pious man had raped her and she even gave birth to a child. The pious man then killed the child along with your sister, and both of them are buried in that house in which she lived. Go to that house and see the ditch in the corner”.

They woke up, and shared their dream with each other. They were astonished to hear that all three had the same dream. They decided to act upon this and went to the house to investigate. They found the ditch and when they dug it they found the dead bodies.

They came to the pious man and on hearing their story, he confessed to his crimes. All the brothers appealed in the court of the king and demanded justice. The king called the man from the temple and sentenced him to death by hanging.

At the time of hanging the Devil came over to him and said "Recognise me, I am the same person who entangled you in this temptation. I can save you if you obey me". The man said; "Tell me what you want me to do."

The Devil said "Declare that you are a non-believer”. He accordingly said that he did not believe in Allah (S.W.T) and became an infidel at the end. The Devil smirked at the man and said; “My job is done here”.

The hanging sentence was carried out.


The Devil is the open enemy of mankind, who is constantly attacking our Faith. He tries to mislead and deceive us. No matter how pious we think we are, we always need protection from the Devil.

Saying of a Great Saint:

“A sheep is more aware than human being, for it responds to the warning of the shepherd, but ignorant is man who disobeys the commands of the Lord and follows the behest of the Devil.” Hazrat Khawaja Hassan Basri (R.A)