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Ramadan 2010 (Pearls of Light)


A Man argues that wine should be Halal

A man came to Hazrat Iyas Ibn Mu'awiyah (a renounced Muslim Judge, who was famous for his wisdom) and enquired about the ruling on Alcohol.

Due to the man’s stubbornness, he started to discuss and wanted to prove the validity of wine. A small conversation took place;

Man : What is the Islamic ruling regarding wine?

Judge : It is Haram (Forbidden).

Man : How about water?

Judge : It is Halal (Permissible).

Man : How about dates and grapes?

Judge : They are Halal.

Man : Why is it that all these ingredients are Halal, and yet when you combine them, they become Haram?

The judge looked at the man and said: Suppose I hit you with a handful of dirt (soil), do you think it would hurt you?

Man : No it would not.

Judge : How about if I hit you with a handful of straw?

Man : No, not really.

Judge : How about a handful of water?

Man : Obviously No.

Judge : How about if I mix all of them together and after the mixture has set, I hit you with it. Would it hurt you?

Man : Without a doubt it would hurt, and possibly cause serious harm.

Judge : The same reasoning applies to what you asked me!!

Subhanallah, what a great wisdom the judge possessed. A wonderful and simple way of explaining a complex issue.

It is important to understand that when Allah (S.W.T) prohibits something for his servants, He does so certainly out of His overflowing mercy on them, to save them from all what may bring them harm.