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Ramadan 2010 (Pearls of Light)


Sayyidah Umme Habiba (R.A)

Hazrat e Sayyidah Umme Habiba (R.A), was the daughter of the Leader of Makkah, Hazrat Abu Sufyaan (R.A). Her mother's name was Hazrat e Safiya bint Aas (R.A).

Hazrat e Sayyidah Umme Habiba (R.A) was first married to Ubaidullah bin Jahsh. Both husband and wife made Hijrat (Migration) to Abbyssinia (currently known as Ethopia) after accepting Islam.

In Abbyssinia, her husband later abandoned the religion and converted to Christianity, thereafter drinking himself to death as a Christian.

Hazrat Ibn Saad (R.A) narrates from Hazrat e Sayyidah Umme Habiba (R.A) that once, she saw a dream while in Abbyssinia, in which her husband, Ubaidullah bin Jahsh, was in a dreadful and ugly appearance. This upset her terribly, and when she awoke in the morning, found out that he had forsaken Islam.

She then related her dream to him with the hope of instilling fear. Nevertheless, Ubaidullah payed no heed to this and died a Murtad (a person who leaves Islam).

Beloved Prophet (S.AW) was saddened when He (S.A.W) heard her plight. For the contentment of her heart, He (S.A.W) sent Hazrat Amr bin Umaya Damiri (R.A) to Najaashi, the King of Abbyssinia, with a letter instructing him (Najaashi) to act as the Prophet's (S.A.W) wakeel and perform His (S.A.W) Nikaah with Hazrat e Sayyidah Umme Habiba (R.A).

The Nikaah ceremony was attended by Hazrat Jafar bin Abu Talib (R.A) and other Sahabah that were present in Abbyssinia at the time. When it was over, the Sahabah started to leave. The King stopped them and said, "Where are you people going? It is the practice of the Ambiya to feed people at the time of Nikaah."

He then ordered food to be served, which all the Sahabah Ikraam (R.A) ate, and thereafter left. Najaashi then sent Hazrat e Umme Habiba (R.A) with Hazrat Sharjeel bin Hasna (R.A) to the Prophet (S.A.W) in Madina Shareef.

She has narrated 65 Ahadith of which 2 have been narrated by both Imam Muslim (R.A) and Imam Bukhari (R.A). The remaining narrations have been recorded in the other books of Hadith. Among her famous students are, her brother, Hazrat Ameer Muaawiya (R.A), her daughter, Hazrat e Sayyidah Habiba (R.A), and her nephew Hazrat Abu Sufyaan bin Saeed (R.A).

She passed away in 44 AH in Madina Shareef and is buried with the other Azwaaj e Mutaharaat in Jannatul Baqi. (Zarqaani, Vol. 3, Pg. 242-5 & Madaarij, Vol. 2, Pg. 481-2).