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Ramadan 2010 (Pearls of Light)


Sayyidah Juwairiyah (R.A)

Hazrat e Sayyidah Juwairiyah (R.A) was the daughter of Haarith bin Daraar, the chief of the Banu Mustalaq tribe. Hazrat e Sayyidah Juwairiyah (R.A) was amongst the prisoners that had been arrested in the Battle of Muraisee', who the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) married after freeing her.

She narrates that, “Three days before the Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) came to my tribe, I had a dream in which I saw a moon emerge from the direction of Madina Shareef, which came to me and fell on my lap. I didn't ask anyone of its interpretation, but later understood what it was, when the Prophet (S.A.W) made Nikaah to me”. (Zarqaani, Vol. 3, Pg. 254)

Her original name was 'Barah' (the most virtuous person), which was later changed to Juwairiyah (a small girl) due to the original name demonstrating grandeur and superiority. Hazrat e Sayyidah Juwairiyah (R.A) was very devoted to Ibaadat and spent the entire time between Fajr and Chaasht Salah in the reading of Wazaif (Duas or the remembrance of Allah (S.W.T)). (Madaarij, Vol.2)

Hazrat e Sayyidah Juwairiyah (R.A) had two brothers and a sister who also embraced Islam.

Her (R.A)’s brother, Hazrat Abdullah bin Haarith (R.A) had in his possession some camels and slaves which he hid away in a valley of a mountain before he came to the court of Rasoolullah (S.A.W), with the intention to free his fellow tribe members.

Upon his request, Holy Prophet (S.A.W) asked, "What have you brought as Fidyah for the prisoners being freed?", prompting him to say that he had nothing with him. Rasoolullah (S.A.W) then asked, "What's happened to your camels and slaves which you hid in the valley of the mountain?" This ilm-e-ghaib (knowledge of the unseen) of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) amazed Hazrat Abdullah bin Haarith (R.A), who immediately realised that He (S.A.W) was no imposter, recited the Kalima and embraced Islam. (Kitaabul-Istee’aab)

Hazrat e Sayyidah Juwairiyah (R.A) narrated approximately 7 Ahadith, of which 2 are mentioned in Bukhari Shareef and a further 2 by Hazrat Imam Muslim (R.A). The other 3 are recorded in other books of Hadith. Hadrat Abdullah bin Umar (R.A), Hazrat Ubaidullah bin Sabaa' (R.A) and his nephew Hazrat Tufail (R.A), have all narrated Ahadith from her.(Madaarij, Vol 2, Pg. 481 & Zarqaani, Vol 3 Pg. 255)

She passed away at the age of 65 in 50 AH and is buried in Jannatul Baqi in Madina Shareef. The governor of the city, Hazrat Marwaan (R.A), performed her Janazah Salah. (Zarqaani, Vol. 3, Pg. 255 & Madaarij, Vol 2, Pg. 481)