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Ramadan 2010 (Pearls of Light)


The Spiritual Wisdom bestowed by Allah (S.W.T) on His Awliya (R.A)

Once Hazrat Shaykh Junaid Baghdadi (R.A) came to the shores of river Tigris and began the Dhikr of “Ya Allah”. He then walked over the water as if he was on solid ground and crossed the river.

Before he crossed, a man was also waiting for transport to go across. When the man saw the Shaykh crossing, he said. “Ya Shaykh! l would also like to go across”.

The Shaykh said, “Repeat Ya Junaid! Ya Junaid! And follow me”.
The man did that and began walking on the water.

As he reached the middle of the river, the Shaitaan confused his mind by saying. “Who is greater, Allah or the Shaykh? The Shaykh himself is saying Ya Allah! Ya Allah! but orders you to say Ya Junaid! Ya Junaid!. This is Shirk. Abstain from this and imitate the Shaykh who says Ya Allah, Ya Allah”.

The cursed Shaitaan misled the man and he began to say “Ya Allah” As soon as he invoked the Name of Allah (S.W.T), he began drowning and screamed for help.

The noble Shaykh (R.A) watched this and shouted to him, “Say Ya Junaid, Ya Junaid, as I ordered you to do!”

The man did so and was amazed to feel the water under his feet transformed as hard as the ground. He crossed over to safety.

When he reached the banks, he inquired from the Shaykh. “O Shaykh! l cannot understand this puzzle, You said ‘Ya Allah Ya Allah’ and crossed over safely. But when I invoked His (S.W.T) Glorious Name I began drowning?”

The Noble Wali (R.A) replied “O ignorant! You have not as yet understood Junaid and have dreams of understanding Allah (S.W.T)

Subhanallah! What great powers and spiritual wisdom, Allah (S.W.T) has blessed upon His Friends (Awliya Allah).